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My name is Gill Hoffman, and for more than ten years I have been blessed to do what I love - walk through history in the beautiful land of Israel.

I was born and raised in Israel and have been a tour guide since 2006, guiding a wide variety of groups including synagogues, churches, interfaith groups, businesses, schools and individuals. I have also guided groups and government delegations from a number of countries including the United States, Canada, England, China, Indonesia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and more.

My favorite aspect of guiding is the feeling of walking through history. I love to see and feel the stories from the Bible and modern times come to life in the streets of Jerusalem and all over the country. I love to share these experiences with people visiting Israel from all over the world from different religious, cultural and national backgrounds.  

I studied at Haifa University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in social work and a Master’s Degree in Land of Israel Studies. I speak Hebrew, English and Spanish and have worked in the IT industry. I currently serve as the Director of the Yad Ben Zvi Tour Guide Licensing Course, training the next generation of Israeli tour guides under the auspices of the ministry of tourism in Israel .  

Originally from Haifa, I lived on Kibbutz Neveh Yam and today live in Nofey Prat, a beautiful town in the Judean desert with my wife Anat and our three children, two boys and one girl.
You are welcome to contact me to plan your trip which we will specifically tailor to your wishes and needs. I will also be happy to offer you great prices on transportation and hotels.

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