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To whom it may concern

Gill Hoffmann has organised and guided us for several treks in Israel over the past 2 years.


The arrangements that he has made have always suited us very well and he has kept in close touch with all our needs.


The treks have been excellent and Gill has taken great care in ensuring that every member of the group is safe and coping well. His explanations of the history and also of the nature of the area have made all the walks memorable.


I am happy to highly recommend him.



Eric Weigert

To whom it may concern


This confirms that I have participated twice with a group walking in Israel in the Negev and Judean deserts under the guidance of Gill Hoffman and have found both occasions very interesting and enjoyable. Gill is professional and knowledgeable.

Robert Goldstein

Director, Roskill Holdings Ltd

Former Managing Director, CRU International Ltd

Chairman, London Westminster Medical Research Ethics Committee

London, UK

To whom it may concern

I have been on a number of treks led by Gill Hoffmann and have no hesitation in recommending him as a responsible and dedicated Tour Guide.  He makes full preparation beforehand, choosing beautiful and interesting areas in which to walk, reserving good overnight accommodation and is always able to  regale us with history and fascinating information, often with accompanying literature and pictures during the journey.  He is also a diplomat when discussion sometimes gets political!
We are looking forward to more treks with Gill.

Maureen Weigert

I have toured and hiked with Gill Hoffmann twice. The first time was in December 2015 when we spent four great days with Gill as our guide in the Negev - Avdat and Mizpe Ramon areas. The second time was in October 2016 where we spent four wonderful days in the Judean Desert. Gill was an outstanding guide. He is a pleasure to be with, engaging and totally reliable and at times quite humorous.  He answered our many questions (some of which were quite testing) with great aplomb. I heartily recommend Gill as a tour guide. 

Paul Schnall
IT Project Manager
Israel Post Office

I am delighted to recommend Gill Hoffmann.  He has guided three walks each of 4 days, with about 20 people in the group, in different areas of Israel. And we have booked another walk in May.

Each day was wonderful with lots of different scenery and walking.  Gill gave us lots of information about history, plants and geology, his English is excellent.  Where appropriate we had Bible readings.  The walks were quite challenging in places but we all managed fine.  The views were fantastic.  He also made us tea from his own herbs which was delicious.  I can thoroughly recommend Gill, you will have an excellent holiday.

My day with Gill Hoffman will stay with me as long as I live.  On this, my first-ever visit to Israel, I had only a short time for touring but Gill made the most of every minute.  As he took me through Jerusalem’s Old City, I felt at once safe and comfortable.  Gill not only knows his way around, but also the stories behind the many artifacts, structures, and thoroughfares we moved through.  


He tailors his tours to the guest’s interests.  Mine include archeology, and so Gill lead me down stairways to original Roman columns and paving stones.  He referred often to the Bible for historic references to the places we visited.  He taught me to appreciate not only my traditions, but also to learn some about his.  


To that end, our visit to the Western Wall was inspirational and simply awesome to behold.  Gill knows places and clearly enjoys people.  I felt I was being taken back in time, not by a guide, but by a trusted friend who clearly loves what he does and takes just pride in the amazing history in which he lives.  When I am able to return to Israel, hopefully for an extended stay, it will be my pleasure to enlist Gill Hoffman once again.  I can heartily recommend him to others who want to get the stories behind the scenery from a man who knows and cares.

Dan Rutz

To whom it may concern


In June 2016, a small international delegation of Google employees came to Israel for internal meetings and a visit. We had the pleasure to have Gill Hoffmann guide us through a tour of the old city of Jerusalem.


Some of us who could stay the following day also got the chance to discover Qumran (site of the dead sea scrolls) with him, among other wonderful places: a hidden wonder carved in a valley, the Jordan river (where Jesus was baptised) and the dead sea.


Gill was highly professional and knowledgeable, as well as kind and positive. His love for his job and for history manifests and contributes to the journey. His flexibility and ability to adapt in any situation was extremely helpful. Our group was diverse and comprised of Christians, Muslims and Jews. Gill managed to appeal to everyone’s interest and answer everyone’s questions. I warmly recommend using his services.


Dona Raz Levy,

Public Policy & Government Relations

Middle East, Africa, Russia


In May, 2016, I brought a group of university students and faculty from a small American Catholic university to Israel for a course called, “Literature and Faith in the Holy Land” The itinerary included visits to diverse sites and with diverse peoples. Thankfully, we were blessed with a tour guide's tour guide, Gill Hoffmann.


As a man, Gill is smart, knowledgeable about all aspects of Israeli history, religion, culture, and more, intuitive, clever, compassionate, and hilarious. As a guide, and one able to communicate this knowledge, Gill is extraordinary. He is a master storyteller (and teacher) whose outstanding communication skills immerse you in the history of Israel, as well as in its many peoples and structures.


He is a warm and generous person, who shares his values, his family, and his passions with the group, and is interested in the lives of others. He is unshaken by the need to alter plans and instead moves to assist and facilitate any changes, Voluntary or involuntary. He is able to present his message in many ways, using levity and humor at times, or being didactic when necessary. The university students thought he was Super hip; the older folks saw him as extremely well-educated and even pedagogical in his approach. We felt we were learning things at every moment with Gill.

An extraordinary speaker and guide, Gill Hoffman raises the profession of educational tour guide to an art. For our religiously, nationally and in many other ways diverse group, he delivered a touring experience of Israel that left each of us breathless.

Dr. Holli Levitsky

Director, Jewish Studies Program/Professor of English Loyola Marymount University Affiliated Professor of the University of Haifa

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