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Customize for families and kids  

1-6 days

Customize for people with special needs

If walking is your thing- Israel is your place to do it!

Where else can you walk in a unique desert which is situated next to the dead sea- the lowest place on Earth, and a beautiful place?

Where else can you walk for days and realize you are walking in the footsteps of biblical figures such as King David, Elijah, Samson, Jonah the prophet or walk for hours in the desert and reach a remarkable natural spring where we can bath?

In an unbelievable land, in a variety of climate and views, we can hike through Israel and get to know its history and its present, see a diverse flora and fauna (such as Nubian ibex from the book of Psalms), be hosted in a Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Bedouin, Druze, Cherqes- Circassians  or other welcoming and special hospitality and most important enjoy the beauty and the sound of silence which can be achieved in those walks

I invite you to take a couple of days off and walk through Israel , according to the wishes of you and your friend or family (including kids).

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