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You are welcome to contact me to plan a trip of any kind you like including organizing the transportation and hotels, specifically tailored to your needs.



My name is Gill Hoffman, and for more than ten years I have been blessed to do what I love - walk through history in the beautiful land of Israel.

You are welcome to contact me to plan your trip which we will specifically tailor to your wishes and needs.


If walking is your thing - Israel is your place to do it.

Where else can you walk in a unique desert which is situated next to the dead sea- the lowest place on Earth (and a beautiful place..)?
Where else can you walk for days and realize you are walking in the footsteps of biblical figures such as King David, Elijah, Samson, Jonah the prophet or walk for hours in the desert and reach a remarkable natural spring where we can bath?

I invite you to take a couple of days of , and walk through Israel , according to the wishes of you and your friend or family (including kids).


We can focus on biblical sites and stories, or archaeological sites from the days of the Second Temple, or enjoy seeing both history and Jerusalem in its glory in 2019!  

Just name your passion and we will follow it in Israel: Amazing water tunnel, vibrant Markets, ancient walls, unique synagogues, Hidden caves and tunnels in the old city, the western wall, reuniting the old city of Jerusalem in 1967, the holocaust museum, beautiful viewpoints and much more...


Jesus had lived 33 years, 29 until he started performing his miracles. Most of those years, and 80 % of his miracles happened in the North part of Israel in the area of the Galilee and the Sea of the Galilee 


In our tours we will follow Jesus and be in the real places where he lived , taught , preached ,  prayed and performed his miracles. We will encounter ancient ruins and vivid churches and locations which will tell us about those events, which took place here in the Holy Land, 2000 years ago.


Gill Hoffmann
Nofey - Prat
Phone: +972 50 651 0289

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"An extraordinary speaker and guide, Gill Hoffman raises the profession of educational tour guide to an art. For our religiously, nationally and in many other ways diverse group, he delivered a touring experience of Israel that left each of us breathless."

— Dr. Holli Levitsky

University of Haifa

"Gill was highly professional and knowledgeable, as well as kind and positive. His love for his job and for history manifests and contributes to the journey. His flexibility and ability to adapt in any situation was extremely helpful. Our group was diverse and comprised of Christians, Muslims and Jews. "

— Dona Raz Levy,
Public Policy & Government Relations
Middle East, Africa, Russia

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